Currently, the idea of Transformation suffers the usual range of audience reactions from hype to backlash dismissal. In between the extremes, sober inspection returns the attention to understanding why the idea is necessary and what actually distinguishes it as being valuable.

In the review below, the…

Creating a Resilient Infrastructure

Civil Society asks not whether its current crisis is existential but whether the way it makes a difference can meet the known need, now.

Its ability to network is more than ever evident and energized, due to relentless and inspired commitment by established leaders with and to new leaders. Its…

Managing the Distributed Workforce

After acknowledging unemployment, the most obvious problem created by COVID’s disruption of work-as-usual is the complexity of the sudden disarray in time and location commitments by individual workers.

We are already getting accustomed to managing this problem by attending to three “channels” of availability seen as the source of workers…

Malcolm Ryder

Malcolm is a strategist, solution developer and knowledge management professional in both profit and non-profit companies across business, IT and the arts.

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